Due to insufficient demand, our team decided to halt the Etcetera ICO. We made this decision in order to be able to continue working on the Etcetera project, and rebrand when the project is ready for launch. We will make sure all contributors to the Etcetera ICO can claim their refund through the smart contract.

You can now claim your refund of your ICO contributions at:
You will need to have metamask installed or have a web3 compatible browser, and you need access to the wallet with which you contributed to our ICO.

We decided to still go further with the Etcetera project, and to do so, we will keep working with the Etcetera token which is created for the crowdsale. All contributors who already received their tokens can keep those tokens. Should we reach the point of rebranding, a new ICO will be launched with the same token, but with a different maximum supply of 300.000.000 ERA instead of the 30.000.000 ERA it was today. We deeply regret the failed interest in the Etcetera project, but we are determined to keep going and get our product released. We thank all initial contributors and project participants for their trust, support and interest in Etcetera, and we will continue working hard to make this happen!

The Etcetera Team